The reason I came in for care was for knee pain. Dr. Kitty helped me with stretches, used biofreeze and did ultrasound treatments. This helped me because I got gradual pain relief, strategy for running the marathon, post race treatment and follow up. I was very happy with the results…on track to continue running which is what I wanted.


I have had constant lower back soreness and pain due to sports. Dr. Tim gave me chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture and electric stimulation to the lower and upper back area. He also gave me exercise instructions to strengthen my lower back. The pain and soreness went away. I have more flexibility in my back, shoulders and neck in large part because of the treatments given by Dr. Tim. I would highly recommend Dr. Tim for chiropractic and acupuncture care. His attention to detail and the well-being of the patient is excellent.


The reason I came in for care was for hip and neck pain. Before chiropractic care, I wasn’t able to workout and was in pain everyday. After receiving chiropractic treatments, I feel 100% better and am able to workout as I please. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend friends and family to see Dr. Tim. My husband loves coming and Dr. Tim has helped him with his back also!


I came to seek care because I was having lower back pain & pain in the right leg.  I was always getting pain while walking. After treatments, I was in no more pain.  A-OK! I would highly recommend them!


I was having constant neck pain and tightness around my shoulders. Before starting my chiropractic treatments, I was unable to sleep at night. At work, I was always uncomfortable. After getting chiropractic treatments, I feel great! I feel so much better now. My posture has improved. No more neck pains or tightness on my shoulders. Chiropractic care has made a difference in my life. I would definitely recommend friends and family to see Dr. Tim. I am so impressed with his work. At first I was skeptical, but he proved me wrong. Thank you so much!


I first started seeing Dr. Yon for my lower pain. Before getting treated, I would hurt while laying down and sitting down. After getting treatments, I feel better, no pain. It was a very good decision to come to the office.


I had a lot of low back pain and leg pain. Before coming to see Dr. Yon, I was unable to walk or stand for long periods of time. The pain often kept me up at night. After getting treatment, the pain pretty much went away. Now I am on maintenance visits. I would highly recommend The Centre for Chiropractic Health. Before seeing Dr. Yon, I saw a number of Physical Therapists and Massage Therapists to try to relieve the pain, but none of them worked for me personally.


I first came into the office because I was in a car accident in 2004. Before getting chiropractic treatments, I had pain, tightness, trouble sleeping & trouble with daily activities. After treatments, I had a drastic improvement in health. No more paralyzing pain. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Yon to a friend or family member. Thanks Dr. Yon!


I came in for care because I was having neck pains.  Dr. Tim gave me adjustments. Pain went away!


I came in for care for my stiff back and soreness. Dr. Tim put me on a program of adjustments, stretching and exercises. The treatments eliminated the stiffness and soreness and increased strength with exercising. I am very pleased with the care I have been given.


The reason I came in for care was because I had low back pain.  Dr. Kitty worked with me to reduce pain by adjustment treatments and strengthening exercises. Chiropractic helped me and my back feels much better.


The reason I came in for care was because of a pain on my outer thigh area. Dr. Kitty provided adjustments, electro muscle stimulation, and at home exercise routines. This helped me because the pain subsided and is nearly nonexistent! My overall impression of The Centre for Chiropractic Health is friendly with professional service! They really care!


I was referred to Dr. Yon from one of my co-workers.  I was having years of low back pain.  It started affecting my everyday life by decreasing mobility, increasing pain, and losing sleep at night.  After seeing Dr. Yon, I now have greater range of motion and flexibility.  I feel stronger in the lower back area and in better control of my movements.  I would absolutely recommend Dr. Yon to any of my friends and family members.


I began coming to see Dr. Tim because I had lower back pains.  I stand at work for 8 hours a day.  This was becoming increasingly more difficult.  I was taking ibuprophen on a daily basis to relieve the pain.  After going through his treatment plan, I no longer have difficulty getting through the workday.  I also have begun an exercise routine that has strengthened my core muscles.  I would absolutely recommend Dr. Tim.  Thanks Dr. Tim


I came in for care because was having some sciatic nerve pain problems in the right leg.  I was in a lot of pain and could not walk without a cane.  Dr. Tim provided acupuncture, adjustments, stretching and heating methods to heal the problem.  Regular treatments continued to help my problem and I got better.  I am no longer experiencing any more pain.  I would definitely recommend Dr. Tim for services.  He really cares about his patients!

I came to see Dr. Tim because I was experiencing severe back pain and immobility in the neck.  Dr. Tim fixed me!!  The therapy worked wonders & the exercises are keeping me healthy longer.

I had woken up with a stiff neck one morning.  Dr. Tim relieved the pain via adjustments and electric stimulation. It helped to alleviate all the pain and fixed my range of motion!  The Doctors are wonderful people, and they have excellent service and a very nice office!

I was experiencing extreme lower back pain after my second pregnancy that prevented me from enjoying my everyday life and my kids.  After a thorough health assessment, Dr. Kitty put me on the right treatment plan.  The back pain went away after only a few sessions.  My everyday life improved by the increased energy level with the treatments I received.  I strongly recommend Dr. Kitty and her professional experience to anyone who values health and the natural way of healing.


I came into the office because I was having some low back pain, a lot of stress, and some intestinal problems.  Dr. Kitty came up with a treatment plan of acupuncture for me.  It helps to relax me from the stress, my back pain went away, and I am now taking better care of myself.I LOVE COMING HERE!!


I came in for care because I was experiencing neck pain, headaches, and dizziness from a car accident.  Dr. Tim helped the pain in my neck, shoulders, and upper back with adjustments, electric stim, ultrasound, and kinesiotaping.  It worked very well. I have no pain anymore in less than a month of treatment!  I am very satisfied with them!


I came in for care for my acute pain in the lower back and neck.  Dr. Tim got me back to normal, and I am no longer in pain.  I have much more energy.  I also purchased a “Water Pillow” from The Centre for Chiropractic Health, it works like a charm.  I even took it on vacation to Hawaii with me.


The reason I came in for care was for pain in my shoulders.  I was unable to move it.  Therapy was done on my shoulders by Dr. Tim.  Dr. Tim was able to help me go back to work.  I recommend Dr. Tim to everyone!

I came to Dr. Yon over a year ago for chronic lower back pain.  I had been to other Chiropractors over the years…some helped a little…Dr. Tim has helped a lot.  He got me over the acute stage of pain, taught me how to prevent future injury, and now is coaching me onto a state of much better health.  In addition to his treatment, which among other things, included very specific prescribed exercises, I have made lifestyle changes in both diet and nutrition and have lost 35 pounds.  I feel younger and more energetic at 60 than I did at 50!  I highly recommend Dr. Tim.


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